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2004, and time for some new wheels.
The new car

...twilight view...

...the new smoooth owner... ;)

Well, the dear old magna that we had was starting to get a little smokey, and tired... so.... a new year - a new car!

After a bit of research and test driving, we went for the VW Golf 2003 Sports model. Zippy enough, and yes, it is big boy friendly ;)

Christmas 2003 at Ken and Luke's place...
A relaxing day with the family...

...ok, Judy wanted to do something at least...

... ready.

...Marcus and Robert enjoying the sun.

...G'day Alan!

Robert fully endorses VB products

...and then she saw the goldfish...

...u takin' a photo of me!?

At the end of the day... all worn out!



Christmas 2003 was spent at our place this year. Normally, we go to Ken's sister's place and the family gathers there for the day. This year, we decided to give Judy a break.

This summer has been quite hot here, and for the 25th of December, it was no different, and some found that the water pond was a great way to cool off ;)