Our Pics

Here is some of our happy snaps of us, freinds and family - Life in general.. Enjoy.

Front view of Luke 2004-01-05 at gym (show off!)

Back view of Luke 2004-01-05 at gym..

John, Kenny and the BM!

Beautiful spot to chat the day away...

Whatcha lookin' at ...

Pic says it all.


Sleeping Amigos ...

      Now look suprised guys...

ooo..kkkk... :/

Dreaming of a world full of cats to chase...

Matt's latest truck creation...

...and the creator of the yellow monster...Matt!

The crew: Algesa (nona), Matt, Nick, Manuel (Dad) and Luke.

A shot of Kenny on 3-4-2003...


Some garden shots...

The "outside" fishies!

A better shot of the fishies...

The lavender row..

Two buddies :)

Luke and his mum.

Ken ready for a wedding.

Sigrid RIP

Zoe the wonder dog!

Who's trying to be a tough guy?

Ho, Ho, Ho :)

Ken, Judy & Robert - see the family resembelance?

Luke's twin brother, Matthew.

Hmmm, look similar?

Time for a swim...

Kenny and Luke in Sydney

Hold that pose, Kenny!

Luke's Dad, Manuel.

Luke and his Dad.