Ken   Luke

I am a 50 yo Case Manager with the Salvation Army Westcare in the Intensive Case Management Service, working with young people in heaps of difficulty. The young people I work with are on Protective Orders with the Department of Human Services and regarded as at "high risk". While often difficult, I relish this work.

Until recently I worked as a therapist in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. (Odyssey House)

I am also an Anglican Priest and have been ordained for the past 25 years or so. Most of my working life has been involved with marginalised members of the community - prisoners, juvenile offenders, drug-users. Currently I am an Associate Priest in the Parish of All Saints', Preston.

I love reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy. I have read everything of Stephen Donaldson and Raymond E. Feist, lots of Anne McCaffrey and Ursula LeGuin.

I am studying part-time for my Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Welfare at Melbourne University and the Royal Children's Hospital.

About me - Hmmm. I have been an Electroplater and then an apprentice auto electrician but knew that I did not want to stay in this industry - I couldn't afford the hand cream!

I worked in the Computer industry first as a technician and then went back to University to get some further qualifications. I completed a Diploma in Information Technology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and now work in the programming / web design arena of IT. I am a certified MCP, and going for full Microsoft Certification in Programming with .NET (MCAD). I also work on PHP / Linux operating systems as well.

I am 28 year old and moved to Melbourne from Canberra (the nation's capital) to be with my hubby nearly 6 years ago now.

I have started a new hobby by building up a tank of tropical fish which I find sooo relaxing after staring at a computer screen all day. Going to the gym on a regular basis also breaks the routine of work and computers, as well as keeping me fit and healthy .... and woofy.<ken comment>